I love Louis CK, I really do. But he has got to get over technophobia and stop with this kind of shit. He is correct about some of this stuff, I will concede. It is important not to fill every second of your day with checking your things. It is important to feel sadness. Kids do not need smartphones. I agree with all of that. But then I see shit from people who also love LCK all like “phones make phone calls? lololol” and “put that down and talk to someone” - it’s this borderline anti-tech cult and he is partially responsible for it. I have a serious pet peeve for technophobia.

He’s not the worst, I will say. If you really want to hear some “smartphones are so bad, the world is changing, hrumph hrumph” shit check out Tom Green’s act. I can’t even sit through it, my blood pressure raises to quickly. I thought “I’ll check it out! I found him funny on his show so let’s give it a go!” It’s literally just bitching about smartphones and the internet. I’m sorry, this technology does not prevent me from having meaningful interactions, thoughts, or emotion.

Without it, I would not have my wife. Period. This is how we met, how we got to know each other - and much deeper than if we’d met in person, because neither of us are that comfortable with sharing intensely personal things in person. We both have trouble with it even now. But like… I didn’t grow up with the internet or technology. That is just how I am. And it’s how these comedians (supposedly) are in regular situations. How about don’t spend your time figuring out how to avoid amazing new things?